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Fungus and Other Growths On Tree Bark
Hobbs Tree Tips FYI
Taking proper care of you trees is very important in the over all condition of your trees and thier ability to thrive and grow.  Here are a few tips you can use to help keep your trees in tip top condition.
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Tree knots are common on most tree types.  They can be the result of disease or improper trimming of tree limbs.  Open knots can become a perfect home for moisture to settle and begin roting the tree from the inside out.  Looking at the photo to the bottom left you see the tree looks healthy from the outside but hidden core rot makes this an accident waiting to happen.
Tree Knots and Rot
Here you can see many different types of tree fungus.  They come in many different colors and textures.  Proper identification of this condition is vital for treatment.
Open knots or damage to the tree can also give insects a perfect place to gain access to the core and cause damage to the tree.